Fixed Fees

The Rude Law Firm tends to work with clients on a fixed fee basis, rather than billing by the hour. Fixed fees allow us to agree to a fair cost for the services to be rendered, and then to render those services without the unhelpful pressure of a loudly-ticking billable-hour clock. Fixed fees also take away pricing uncertainties and apprehension about communicating.

Patent Application Costs

TRLF’s standard fee for most nonprovisional (utility) patent applications is twelve thousand dollars, exclusive of federal government fees and any drawing fees. This fee optionally includes work on both a nonprovisional patent application and its priority provisional application. We offer discounts for multiple applications and for clients who want to take an active role in drafting patent applications from elemental claims. Our fee includes all consultations and work in creating your patent application, filing it, and working with you to meet all PTO formalities. Additional fees apply for responses to substantive office actions, for example when the PTO rejects claims as being obvious and/or anticipated, their typical initial response.

The Patent Office charges fees for applying for patent rights, for issuing patents, and for maintaining utility patents. The minimum nonprovisional PTO charges (micro entity / small entity / other entity), are $400 / $730 / $1600 for applying, $240 / $480 / $960 for issuing a patent, $400 / $800 / $1,600 for maintenance fees at 3.5 years, $900 / $1,800 / $3,600 for maintenance fees at 7.5 years, and $1,850 / $3,700 / $7,400 for maintenance fees at 11.5 years. Add to those numbers for anything not included in these fees (such as charges for extra claims, extensions of time for responses, ‘requests for continued examination’, and many others). Minimum Patent Office fees, including application fees and all maintenance fees, total approximately $3,800 / $7,500 / $15,000 (for micro entity / small entity / other entity) for each patent.

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